Research is neglected

Europe has outstanding universities and top-level research, but this research is often not utilized to the same extent as in the USA, for example, according to the organizers. The organizers are convinced that Europe has the potential to play a leading role in future technologies such as quantum computing, hydrogen, climate technologies and 5G, and thus to secure its technological sovereignty in these areas.

Food for thought from experts

In order to exploit this potential, however, it is necessary to create conditions that promote academic spin-offs and keep successful founders and their spin-offs in Europe. In Austria, the first steps in this direction have already been taken (among others on the initiative of Spin-off Austria). Now it is important to build on this momentum and to further develop the spin-off strategy in the long term. At the Spin-off Austria conference, international experts will discuss ideas for further improving the Austrian and European spin-off strategy and develop solutions for the most pressing problems.

Among the speakers will be company founders and investors Hermann Hauser (Acorn/ARM, Amadeus Capital), Herbert Gartner (eQventure), Andreas von Bechtolsheim (Sun Microsystems, Google), Jeannette zu Fürstenberg (La Famiglia VC), Martin Bruncko (Binance) and Jason Whitmire (BlueYard Capital). The European Union's policy perspective will be represented by senior members of the European Innovation Council (EIC), including Keith Sequeira, Stéphane Ouaki and Cornelius Schmaltz. The Spin-off Austria Conference is organized by Hermann Hauser Investment GmbH, I.E.C.T. - Hermann Hauser and eQventure in cooperation with the Council for Research and Technology Development.