With its Corona vaccine, which is close to approval in the EU and several countries, the German biotech company BioNTech has not been able to escape the positive headlines for some time. One of the co-founders is the Viennese physician and cancer researcher Christoph Huber. An outstanding example himself, he is now campaigning for Hermann Hauser and Herbert Gartner's Spin-off Austria initiative.

BioNTech founder Huber: "The best way to success is with spin-off companies".

"After decades of university research, we wanted to go into the clinics and develop drugs against cancer ourselves. And that can't be done without founding a company. You can't do it with public funding. The costs are simply too high and essential development competencies are not sufficiently represented at the university level," says Huber. He makes it clear - also with regard to the success of BioNTech - that "90 percent of the spin-offs that are responsible for breakthrough vaccine developments and therapies are university spin-offs.